The ‘PICK ME UP’ project began through a desire to improve a patient’s experience. Over the past few years I have found myself in the unfortunate situation of spending time in hospitals and waiting rooms. Which has meant I’ve done a lot of worrying but also a lot of waiting which has given me plenty of time to absorb my surroundings. 
Waiting rooms are often small, dense and sometimes without windows which can be depressing. Visual displays deemed appropriate to ‘inform’ patients of an illness (they may or may not have) that include graphic photographs and text, though informative seem a little insensitive and can cause unnecessary upset. Waiting times for pre-planned appointments can be unavoidably delayed, preparing for a medical examination or operation, being stripped of everything personal and items of comfort at a time when you’re most vulnerable, can all cause extra levels of stress and anxiety. 
Research has shown that just looking at nature can have a positive effect on health and well-being. This study offered an exciting opportunity to use biophilic design to improve these areas by providing a connection with nature, provoking the patient to find their own link with nature resulting in a positive effect and improving a patient’s experience. 
Above show a selection of visuals from the project and a link to read the full article about the study
Click on the link below for access.

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